Effective B2B Marketing Solutions for Sustainably Minded Companies


coolperx is the world’s first and only B2B Social Purpose marketing, merchandising, and events agency. We are a new kind of business entity that is founded on 21-st century values of ethics and environmental sustainability. We provide brand-focused merchandise and digital solutions to conscientious companies. Our offerings include unique and impactful corporate marketing, branded merchandising, consulting, and events that are socially and environmentally responsible. Our clients’ deep commitment to ethical sustainability reflects the way we do business. We are a woman, veteran, and minority-owned social purpose corporation (SPC) based in Bellevue Washington.

Sustainability is good business. We create significant savings for clients by helping them eliminate wasted spending on wasteful corporate merchandise like cheap plastic swag. Our products are higher in quality and ahead of trends, making them highly desirable and appreciated, leading to long-term usability. Our transparency pledge includes fixed-rate margins and complete up-front cost analysis, so our clients are never surprised by hidden fees. Our streamlined processes also make employee’s tasks easier, so they can move faster and accomplish more when they’re selecting and purchasing products from our curated site.

Our clients know that ethical, sustainable gifts and events have greater perceived value, which translates to impactful ROI. Brand and company loyalty is built on meaningful connections that come from meaningful offerings. We make this process possible by maintaining high standards for quality, value, and sustainability every step of the way. Appreciation for these elements is evident in our high rate of repeat clients.


We prioritize quality and social & environmental responsibility in all our offerings and products. This means we source only from select manufacturers and retail brands, many from Europe and all over North America. We reject “greenwashing” and the low-quality, off-trend swag that is standard in the promotional products industry, in favor of products that meet our three core values of sustainability, ethics, and desirability. Our vendors apply these values to everything they create and supply. Our offerings have more impact on consumers' lives because they are coveted and appreciated, and less impact on the environment because they are sourced in sustainable ways.



Many of our product manufacturers and suppliers independently contribute to resolving environmental issues through their own giving and social efforts. Coupled with our own social giving, carbon-neutral shipping, and reforestation efforts with each order, working with us compounds your commitment to reducing environmental harm in our world.



Our team of experts has decades of experience in employee engagement, event production, people management, marketing, and advertising. They also stay ahead of trends and curate meaningful offerings that you can present to your clients and community with pride. We maintain high standards for all our products, consultations, and events, so you can translate them into lasting relationships that drive business. Our goal is to streamline this process for you while maintaining our shared social purpose values.



Our experienced and thorough creative team can assist with the full process of your request: from production ideation, through design and development, and on to manufacturing. Our core design values are beauty, simplicity, function, and desirability. We also maintain our high standards of ethics and sustainability during each step of the design process, so you can rest assured that social responsibility is always present.



The coolperx online e-commerce platform was designed and developed in-house to solve our clients’ biggest challenges. We make costing, shopping for, and purchasing merchandise streamlined and simple. Custom shopping pages (or stores) are available for our clients who make frequent re-orders, or who want to curate products for their team, event or alternate channels to purchase.

We also help you render and offer versatile digital solutions. By partnering with aligned 3PL partners, we bring our digital products into motion. In addition, we have experience working with virtual and augmented reality. We develop compelling custom mobile applications to solve client challenges and engage customers in brand activation.



We are the only Social Purpose marketing & merchandising agency in the world. This is not by accident. We are industry leaders in environmental and socially responsible merchandise. We offer consulting services on responsible procurement, strategy, design, event management, and supply chain management. Our extensive expertise in sourcing, sustainability, and product life cycles will help you keep all your offerings and events in line with your values while maintaining your company’s unique brand presence.



“Amazing. Creative. Customer-oriented. Friendly. Communicative. Responsive. Detail-oriented. Dependable. These are just a few words and phrases I would use to describe the awesome people at coolperx. I have been working with their team 3+ years and they have pulled through on literally every project (big or small) I have sent their way! They are my go-to's for merch items but so much more. I truly feel they are consultants (not sales people) and have a vested interest in making sure their clients satisfied and happy.”

~ Activation Manager, Diageo

“…from small orders, to helping coordinate multiple gifts for a 200+ person recognition trip, to last minute orders that needed to be sent out of country, they have been the ultimate partner. Not only are they helpful and informative, they have a friendly and calm demeanor with a can-do attitude. No project is too big or too small, and it is apparent that they always put their clients first. I have enjoyed working with them over the last few years and look forward to partnering with them on future projects.”

~ Vice President, 98point6

“…seeks to understand the needs and goals of the businesses they work with. In my several opportunities to work directly or through my department with them, they were always thorough, sought detailed information about our needs, and fulfilled exactly what we discussed. They have a well-deserved reputation with our marketing group for their creativity and knowledge, and for their diligence in seeking the best possible values for price and quality. I would welcome the chance to work with them on projects in the future.”

~ Vice President, Northwest Center

“…an incredible partner to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the US Program team…was able to deliver and meet our deadlines. They are extremely thorough with offering us a variety of options. They always went above and beyond in his service to our team. They are definitely a value add to any organization.”

~ Associate Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation







New 2020 Trends

The most relevant products for 2020

UV-C LED Sanitization

The Future of Water Bottles

Water bottles have begun to move from a sustainable product to one that is a staple in the over consumerism that burdens the gifting industry and fills drawers and closets in many businesses. There are smarter options. Products like these UV-C LED sanitizing bottles make it easier to resist multiple bottles by preventing mildew and other microorganisms from contaminating your water. This technology is emerging in many products, like phone sanitizers, lunch boxes and air filters.


Wireless Charging

Wireless Power

The technology of wireless charging is evolving by the day. More of us are getting used to setting phones in cup holders or on trays and effortlessly renewing the charge in our devices. And, most new technology offers us to casually power up like this. It's as if we've elevated our own power and energy just flows to us when needed. We can avoid huddling around outlets at the airport. No more winding up cables and losing tech tacos. The power is ours again!


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