Conscientious Branded Company Gifts

About Us


We are a woman-owned, veteran-owned, minority-owned Social Purpose corporate gifting agency on a mission to help our clients give gifts that best facilitate lasting relationships, that are reflective of the culture and overall mission of the organization, and are sourced responsibly and ethically to protect our earth and community.

coolperx is here to make your branded gifts ordering process simpler, more convenient, reliable…just better. After a decade and a half working in some of the biggest promotional products agencies, we managed the sales of millions of dollars worth of awards, gifts, and engagement and marketing merchandise for our clients. We also spent so much time ensuring their processes were as smooth as possible, but oftentimes it meant a long process of back and forth emails, meetings and calls for a simple order.

We knew there had to be a better way.

We investigated moving much of this process online. We also knew that we had to ensure that the quality of products, user experience on our online platform and overall service had to be so reliable that we could present this to our clients. So, we started from scratch. We developed this website and platform based on what our clients have told us they wanted, what we have seen from our side of the ordering process and what we have read from reviews of other companies trying to bring you this service.

The highest priorities we have are making sure the product you order reflects the goals of your purchase and that your time and money are not wasted. What this means to us is finding the highest quality products at the best prices and making the process easy on you. Ultimately, we connect businesses with premium suppliers. Over are the days of the fidget spinners, stress balls, and plastic toys. We update and change our products based on what is trending, possibly not even offered in our industry to ensure the merchandise you are delivered is something that everyone is excited to get.

Your order should and will reflect well on you!