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Tanner Goods

Tanner Goods

We Create Thoughtful Products That Are Worth Holding Onto.

The products we use on a daily basis say something about the people we are. We believe many things in life get better with time; it is that spirit we try to infuse in everything we create. In a world where we are overwhelmed by products made to break down, wear out or go out style, we aim to go against that grain.

We Focus on Value, Durability, and a Timeless Aesthetic.

Our goods are based in value-driven design and quality manufacturing. All of us make a statement every time we buy something. We vote with our wallets. It’s our belief that value is more than just saving a few bucks - true value lies at the intersection of something made well for a fair price, created in way that supports those who made it.

We Are All Products Of Our Environment. Let’s Cultivate The Best One We Can.

Our company, in many ways, is defined the community we belong to. We are Oregonians through and through. We believe in equality for all. We believe in putting others first. We are a progressive company that echos the values and ideals of our own community in Portland and the greater Northwest.

Tanner Goods Workman Wallet

Combine classic workwear styling with an Easy Rider mentality, add a dose of handcrafted love, and what do you get? The Workman Wallet. Designed to be used with or without our Braided... Learn More

Tanner Goods Utility Bifold Wallet

For those of you who prefer to run lean and clean, we offer the Utility Bifold, which blends traditional style with efficient design. Constructed from 3.5oz. Natural tooling leather, our... Learn More

Tanner Goods Travel Wallet

A companion for a world traveler, this wallet allows for storage of a notebook on one side and your passport on the other. We've also created a sizable pocket to... Learn More

Tanner Goods Terry Cap

Made right here in the USA, our new Ball Cap are here just in time for those summer days. We left the caps entirely unbranded to let the quality build and... Learn More

Tanner Goods Sunglass Case

Allowing for a wide range of shapes and contours to fit comfortably, our Sunglass Case is a slightly larger version of our Eyeglass silhouette. Constructed from 5.5 oz. vegetable-tanned Meridian... Learn More

Tanner Goods Minimal Card Wallet

The Minimal Card Wallet is the latest example of how a great concept can spring from our collaborative nature as a company. Born from an idea proposed by our operations... Learn More

Tanner Goods Key Lanyard

The Key Lanyard features a secure gated clasp, releasing your keys quickly on the fly. The body of the lanyard wraps around your belt and fastens with a simple yet... Learn More

Tanner Goods Journeyman Wallet

The Journeyman is a perfect example of how a great concept can spring from our collaborative nature as a company. Born from an idea proposed by our retail staff, this... Learn More