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SoYoung is a Canadian brand of elevated lunch bags and backpacks constructed of raw linen and washable paper. Designed for the wellness-focused woman with a sense of style, our bags feature a minimal aesthetic and purposeful enhancements like removable insulated inserts, messenger straps, and accessory pockets.

Originally launched as a kids' lunch box line in 2011, SoYoung was embraced by parents seeking a sophisticated alternative to licensed-characters and polyester bags. SoYoung expanded into the adult category with the launch of the Lunch Poche in 2018.

SoYoung believes that planning and prepping lunches can lead to incremental change in all areas of one’s life, from eating more consciously to saving money to reducing waste. Our mission is tied closely to the personal journey of our founder Catherine Choi, who overcome a serious addiction in early adulthood. Catherine’s recovery led her to a wellness-focused lifestyle that includes meditation, exercise and healthy eating - habits that have been foundational to her success as an entrepreneur.

SoYoung Lunch Poche

A contemporary version of our large cooler bags, our Lunch Poches (French for "Pocket") were designed to complement foodie, fashion and wellness-focused lifestyles. It's time to stop using shopping bags... Learn More

SoYoung Sweat Proof Ice Packs

Finally, a condensation-free ice pack that keeps your lunch cool but dry. Generously sized, non-toxic and washable. For lovers of the good old days when taking photos was a rare art... Learn More