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Seahorse Chocolate

Seahorse Chocolate

Thoughtfully crafted, single-origin, two-ingredient, bean-to-bar chocolate.


Seahorse Chocolate is honestly, thoughtfully crafted, bean-to-bar chocolate for the adventurous spirit. It’s for the explorers. The learners. For those who pay attention to the little things - the roast of their coffee, the tasting notes of their whiskey, the complexity of their wine, the hops that went into their favorite craft beer, and the story behind it all. 

Our roots lie with the family folks, the show-goers, the rockers, the “let’s try that new place”-ers, and the “not afraid to get our hands dirty” types.  Looking forward and embracing whatever comes and re-imagining what we thought we understood. We believe that taste can be subjective - therein lies the adventure, and the spirit behind our chocolate. It’s where exclusivity and accessibility meet - meant to share something new.

Tanzania // Single Origin Chocolate Bar

Banana, Dried Plum, Sugared Coffee, and Nutty Undertones This Criollo/Trinatario blend is grown within the Kilombero region of Tanzania, where farmers practice organic farming by default and have done so... Learn More

Vietnam, Lam Dong // Single Origin Chocolate Bar

Dried Fruits, Buttery Finish Located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta is a landlocked area. The region has a temperate climate and is perfect for growing Trinitario.... Learn More

Vietnam, Tien Giang // Single Origin Chocolate Bar

Allspice and Classic Cocoa This Trinitario / Criollo hybrid is grown in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. This microclimate is famous for its dense agriculture and fertile soil. The... Learn More

Ecuador, Costa Esmeraldas // Single Origin Chocolate Bar

Honey and Hibiscus A single estate crop hailing from Muisne, a coastal town within the Esmeraldas province of Ecuador. This coastal area is covered in rainforest, tropical vegetation, and mangrove... Learn More

Uganda Semuliki Forest // Single Origin Chocolate Bar

Cinnamon, Olive Oil and Plantain Located in western Uganda in the Rwenzori Mountains on the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Semuliki Forest is the only lowland tract of tropical... Learn More

Honduras, Wampusiripi // Single Origin Chocolate Bar

Buttery Brown Sugar, Toffee and Earthy, Even Tannins Honduran farmers have been cultivating cocoa for over 3,000 years. You know what they say….Practice makes perfect, or pretty darn close. While... Learn More

Dominican Republic // Single Origin Chocolate Bar

Rich Raspberry Notes, Tart Cherry Undertones This 1000 plus acre bird sanctuary produces organic cocoa, macadamias, and bananas while remaining dedicated to sustainable agroforestry farming practices. A community of 13... Learn More

Fiji, Mataswalevu Farm // Single Origin Chocolate Bar

Dried Fruits, Nuts, Vanilla, Tobacco, Soft Leather The Mataswalevu Farm in nestled within the hills of Northern Fiji. We love this rich and flavorful, sundried Forestero Amelonado hailing from a... Learn More