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At eqpd we are taking everyday objects and running them through our filter to create more useful, versatile, and durable products for living. We believe the very best designs not only create great user experiences, but are part of a healthy economy that builds responsible product. The eqpd LastBag - Reusable for a Lifetime - is an American inspired design aimed to eliminate the careless & excessive damage caused by sing-use bags, reduce our carbon footprint, and create American jobs. 


EQPD LastBag // Hand & Shoulder

A simple evolution of the original, our Hand and Shoulder LastBags have the same Made in the USA, lifetime guarantee, but come in 5 colorways with an optional interior zipping... Learn More

EQPD LastBag // Original

The idea that started it all . . . a simple, durable, reusable grocery bag that is built to last. The Original LastBag design is now over 5 years old... Learn More