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Geizeer Eco-Friendly Cooler

Geizeer is a small wooden cooling device in the shape of a perforated cube with metal finishes. It works by inserting an ice-pack inside, previously frozen. Geizeer acts as a diffuser of... Learn More

Wine Bottle Cooler Bag

Cooler bags are used to cool down a bottle before serving or to keep it at the ideal temperature throughout the meal. Store in the freezer to be ready when... Learn More

Toolbox Cooler

Great new cooler shape. Rugged. Easy to carry. Built in bottle opener. Holds 20+ 12 oz. cans. Available in Red, Blue, and Black. Details: Imprint Area : 10"x 8" Dimensions... Learn More

Magisso Champagne Cooler

When you need to keep your champagne at the perfect temperature, simply soak the Magisso Champagne Cooler in cold water for 60 seconds. As the water evaporates, it naturally cools... Learn More